Changing of the guard; Welcome Michael

As I think many of you know the extended and global SOTA “management” team are all volunteers from the official management team (MT), all the way through to association and regional managers. Chris Goodman (K6CMG) has decided to focus on activating and other goals and as such please welcome Michael Geoghegan (KX6A) as the new W6 Southern Coastal Regional Manager.

Michael brings a passion and deep experience with the great outdoors including Search and Rescue, mountain hiking and a Scout leader. Like many of us the marriage of amateur radio and he great outdoors, represented by SOTA, is magical. To this end Michael (and his sons) have been on a tear activating local peaks; small, huge, easy and downright tough.

Michael shares a desire to see SOTA awareness and participation expanded in W6 land and I am thrilled he is a part of the new and enlarged W6 SOTA management team.

He maintains a blog that I believe is migrating back to his own domain (KX6A). Stop by, check it out and raise a glass to our newest RM.

Welcome Michael, onwards and upwards!!

Paul W6PNG

W6 SOTA Association Manager


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