SoCal SOTA Camp-out April 5-7th

K6ARK is hosting a Southern California campout.

ATTENDEES: Please RSVP K6ARK at his QRZ listed email address with the following info:

Email Address (for final event comms):
Vehicle Type (car / AWD / high clearance / 4WD):
Expected arrival day/time:
Any other notes or comments…

I plan to arrive Friday evening, hopefully leaving San Diego by around 2pm, but work obligations may dictate otherwise and have me arriving late Friday night. I plan to head home Sunday afternoon.

We are a week and a half away, and feedback from N0OI suggests that it will be dry enough and warm enough up in Big Bear for snow and excessive mud to not be a serious concern. If anyone has the opportunity in the next week to go scout Polique Canyon, Van Dusen Rd, and Holcomb Valley Rd, it would be great to confirm.

All of that said, the long-range forecast (unreliable) shows the potential for a weak storm that weekend. If that materializes, we’ll redirect to the desert option at Sawtooth Campground.

CAMP: If the Big Bear plan works out, we’ll shoot for Holcomb Valley Campground if there’s space available. That will give us picnic tables and restrooms. If there’s no space, there is dispersed camping nearby. There is NO WATER there, so come prepared. Fires are allowed in fire rings in the campground, but not at the dispersed camp sites.

WEATHER: Spring in the SoCal mountains at 7,400 feet will likely be cold at night (around freezing or below) and comfortable during the day. The desert will be warmer, but it’s still around 4,000 feet elevation, so come prepared for cold nights.

SOTA: I have no specific agenda, but this map ( 3) shows a bunch of area options. If you have any questions on these summits let me know. I plan to activate Saturday and Sunday.

LOCAL COMMS: I will monitor the Keller Peak repeater, and 146.550 simplex on the trip up and upon arrival to the area.

Any questions?

So, please send me your info to RSVP and finalize planning for this event. It should be a blast.


More details can be obtained on the reflector:


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