San Diego Area


Cuyamaca State Park from Stonewall Peak Trail

Tied of Shamu and Seaworld? Had your fill of art in Balboa Park? Its time to head to the mountains and enjoy another aspect of Greater San Diego. With gentle peaks that reach up a few thousand feet you can get fabulous views of three or four southland counties and the northern part of Mexico from some of the vantage points such as Cuyamaca Peak.

Cuyamaca State Park is located just south of Julian which is a fun place to visit. Cuyamaca has two great peaks to bound up with your 2m and/or an HF rig.

We recommend you check out these two peaks. Remember; plan well, take ample food and water and whatever else you need to be safe on the trail and have fun!

W6/CC-014 – Cuyamaca Peak

W6/SC-029Stonewall Peak