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Name Email Regions
Kevin Humrighouse

(W6RIP) Southern Sierra (SS)
Jordan Heichman (WC6J) Sierra Nevada (SN), Northern Sierra (NS)
Tim Goodrich

(K6TW) Transverse Ranges (CT)
Michael Geoghagen

(KX6A) Southern Coastal (SC)
Ron Adams

(W6PZA) North West (NW), Northeastern (NE), Northern Ranges (CN)
Mike Herr

(WA6ARA) Northern Desert (ND)
Brian Boschma

(N6IZ) Northern Coastal (NC)
Hal Rounds

(N6JZT) Coastal Ranges (CC)
Rex Vokey 
(KE6MT) Central Desert (CD), White Mountains (WH)
Jamie Dahl
(N6JFD) Inyo Mountains (IN)
Jerry Hildeman
(KG6HQD) Southern Desert (SD)
Alex Garcia
(KK6ZLY) Central Valley (CV)