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We work to keep this list updated, but if you have issues contacting an RM our ARM is here:

Name Email Regions
Hal Rounds (N6JZT) [email protected] Coastal Ranges (CC)
Rex Vokey (KE6MT) [email protected] Desert Ranges (CD),
Ron Adams (W6PZA) [email protected] Northern (CN), Northeastern (NE), Northwestern Ranges (NW)
Tim Goodrich (K6TW) [email protected] Transverse Ranges (CT)
Alex Garcia (KK6ZLY) [email protected] Central Valley (CV)
Jamie Dahl (N6JFD) [email protected] Inyo Mountains (IN)
Brian Boschma (N6IZ) [email protected] Northern Coastal Ranges (NC)
Mike Herr (WA6ARA) [email protected] Northern Desert (ND)
Jordan Heichman (WC6J) Northern Sierra (NS), Sierra Nevada (SN)
Adam Kimmerly
[email protected] Southern Coastal Ranges (SC)
Michael Molina
[email protected] Southern Desert (SD)
Kevin Humrighouse
[email protected] Southern Sierra (SS)