Lake Tahoe Area

Lake Tahoe…early morning

Located a few hours drive west of the San Francisco Bay Area and just north of Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe is one of California’s gems. A deep broad lake that is flanked by 8,000 ft plus mountains. Tahoe is a deservedly a popular location year round with legendary winter sports through to hiking, boating spring, summer and fall.

Our recommendations include the following six hikes

Drive up / very easy hike

  1. W6/NS-290, Big Hill
  2. W6/NS-397, Tahoe Mountain
  3. W6/NS-061, Monument Peak using the Gondola at Heavenly
  4. W6/NS-138, Mt Pluto via Northstar lifts (Winter and Summer)
  5. W6/SN-039, Leviathan Peak (easy drive up)
  6. W6/NS-147, Mt Watson

Short Hike (as in < 2 miles, and not a lot of elevation gain)

  1. W6/NS-248, Pt. 7008
  2. W6/NS-189, Gold Star Peak
  3. W6/NS-181Donner Ridge
  4. W7N/TR-027, Captian Pomin Rock.
  5. W6/NS-133, Ellis Peak
  6. W7N/WC-003, Tamarack Peak
  7. W7N/WC-004, Slide Mountain
  8. W7N/WC-005, Chickadee Ridge

Feeling Ambitious:

  1. W6/SN-036, Mount Tallac
  2. W6/SN-034, Freel Peak
  3. W6/NS-108, Ralston Peak