Lake Tahoe Area


Lake Tahoe…early morning

Located a few hours drive west of the San Francisco Bay Area and just north of Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe is one of California’s gems. A deep broad lake that is flanked by 8,000 ft plus mountains. Tahoe is a deservedly a popular location year round with legendary winter sports through to hiking, boating spring, summer and fall.

The following are some webcams from the USFS Fire alert system, useful if you want to see snow levels in the shoulder seasons too:

Alert Wildfire

Our recommendations include the following six hikes

Drive up / very easy hike

  1. W6/NS-290, Big Hill
  2. W6/NS-397, Tahoe Mountain
  3. W6/NS-061, Monument Peak using the Gondola at Heavenly
  4. W6/NS-138, Mt Pluto via Northstar lifts (Winter and Summer)
  5. W6/SN-039, Leviathan Peak (easy drive up)
  6. W6/NS-147, Mt Watson

Short Hike (as in < 2 miles, and not a lot of elevation gain)

  1. W6/NS-248, Pt. 7008
  2. W6/NS-189, Gold Star Peak
  3. W6/NS-181Donner Ridge
  4. W7N/TR-027, Captian Pomin Rock.
  5. W6/NS-133, Ellis Peak
  6. W7N/WC-003, Tamarack Peak
  7. W7N/WC-004, Slide Mountain
  8. W7N/WC-005, Chickadee Ridge

Feeling Ambitious:

  1. W6/SN-036, Mount Tallac
  2. W6/SN-034, Freel Peak
  3. W6/NS-108, Ralston Peak