August 6/7, 2016 Summer Activity Weekend

Hiking, beautiful vistas, chatting with friends near and far are some of the benefits of SOTA. What can make it even more memorable is to have lots and lots of contacts once you are at the peak. To this end we are holding our first W6 Summer Activity Weekend. Your goal, our goal is to participate in SOTA as any or all of these; chaser, activator or promoter.

As an activator, head out to a SOTA peak whether it be big, small, tough or easy and setup your station. Consider inviting a non SOTA friend to enjoy the outing and be a promoter.

As a chaser both within W6-land and beyond try working W6 activators and if a peak has multiple activators try and work them all. Consider inviting a non SOTA friend (ham or not) over to your shack and have them get a taste of chasing and be a promoter.

We chose the August 6/7 weekend to coincide with similar events being held in Colorado and the Pacific NorthWest. All round this is good as it offers up many opportunities for activators and chasers including summit to summit contacts.

Paul W6PNG