South Central Coast

The Central California Coast covers several mountain ranges, some come straight out of the ocean. You drive from Monterey south on Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) to Highway 101 and down to Santa Barbara. This is one of the prettiest coast lines anywhere. Rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and huge sand dunes. Lots of vineyards, avocado orchards, strawberries and citrus. Wildlife, whales can be seen from land during their migration each year, deer, turkeys, pigs and ect. I could go on, but you get the picture. I LOVE THIS PLACE and I love living here!

This is a list of summits on the central California coast and inland. On a clear day you can see the ocean from most of them. Most are within the Los Padres National Forest. Please check with the district that you plan to visit to make sure roads are open. Also, you may need a Forest Adventure Pass

The Nine Sister are listed, they are a chain of nine volcanic mountains and hills in western San Luis Obispo County. They run between Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo, along highway 1. Seven of them are SOTA summits. The ones that you can hike are very popular and can be crowded. Most are on private property. Pretty to look at but please don’t trespass. 

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  1. Brush Peak, W6/SC-171. Off Highway 154 at W. Camino Cielo. Look for Lizards Mouth.
  2. Santa Ynez Peak, W6/CC-036. A long drive up with one rough ¼ mile section of road.
  3. Ranger Peak, W6/SC-056. A ¼ mile hike up a kind of steep hill. Nothing to bad.
  4. Treplett Mountain, W6/SC-100. Off Sierra Madre Rd to Pine Canyon Rd. 4 wheel drive recommended! ¼ mile hike.
  5. Hi Mountain, W6/SC-159. High clearance vehicle needed but not 4 wheel drive.

Short Hike (as in < 2 miles, and not a lot of elevation gain)

  1. Figueroa Mountain, W6/CC-028. About 2 miles with about 900ft of ascent. Drive is on paved road.
  2. Peak Mountain, W6/SC-028. Off highway 166 and Cottonwood Canyon to Bates Canyon to Sierra Madre Rd. 4 wheel drive recommended.

Feeling Ambitious:

  1. Cachuma Mountain, W6/SC-054. Long hike but worth it. Road to trailhead is all paved.
  2. Porter Peak, W6/SC-144. Off Sierra Madre Rd and Old Sierra Madre Rd. 4 wheel drive recommended.
  3. 1715, W6/SC-327. In San Luis Obispo, a fairy hard hike past High School Hill.

One other area of interest (The Nine Sisters):

  1. Cerro San Luis ObispoW6/SC-357 a long hike. Nice views!
  2. Bishop Peak, W6/SC-339 Popular with the locals
  3. Cerro Romualdo, W6/SC-356, I believe this one is on private property. Never been activated.
  4. Hollister Peak, W6/SC-351 ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. DON’T DO IT! Never been activated.
  5. Cerro Cabrillo, W6/SC-373 a little bit of a scramble to the top.
  6. Black Hill, W6/SC-378 The easiest of the Sisters to hike.
  7. Morro Rock, W6/SC-380 This is sacred land to the local Indian tribe. Illegal to hike on it. NO!