One thought on “You’re invited! August 6/7 Summer Activity Weekend

  1. This is great! We’ve got a fledgling SOTA group in Lake County (2 hrs north of SF.) We will be chasing and I’ll be activating as much as possible that weekend.

    This map of the 4 regions in our area is helpful for finding peaks:,w6/cc,w6/nc,w6/cn

    SF area and north recommended Peaks:

    Mt Diablo
    Mt Tam
    Mt Konocti

    Our group is in to 2m-ssb and 223.5 fm, so if within 200 miles or so try those.(and 146 .52 from the Sierra booms in here.)

    We often talk SOTA on the 8 am informal daily net 145.150- (Seigler 103.5-) and coordinate expeditions via the Mendocino countywide system Hunter 147.675- 179.9

    Mel KK6TMN


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